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About B.I.G.
B.I.G. (Believe In God) is an electronic music project from Aigio, Greece. It is consisted by the two brothers Dimos and Mixalis Siavelis. Their debut album called "Mindscapes" consists of 2 CD's, with 150 minutes of music able to last through time *This is NOT rap/hiphop-music* Dimos and Michalis Siavelis, 29 and 27 years old respectively, started off with the best possible foundations, which is classical music, and from there managed to enchant us with their electronic compositions! Apart from their 11-year studies in music, both have excellent knowledge of the piano. It was a twist of fate that brought this promising act to Nikos Diamantopoulos and the Yamaha music school where he taught, with Dimos attending classes there and Michalis "apprenticing" at the summer clubs where the well known DJ and producer played. Their influences range from Yorgie Van Bellen, James Niche, Faithless and Bill Hamel, passing through Banco de Gaia, Deep forest, Future sound of London as well a ... Read More

Career Started: 1992
Tags: hip hop, rap, east coast rap, soundtrack, progressive house,