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About Sweet Dreams
There are three groups that have or are using the name Sweet Dreams: 1) Sweet Dreams is a solo instrumental project under Jonathan Appleton. The sounds range from eclectic to simplistic, with melody being the focus of each piece. The genres typified are ambient, acoustic, and occasionally post-rock. 2) Sweet Dreams were the UK's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1983. They came a respectable 6th with the song "I'm Never Giving Up". This was to be the only hit record for the trio. 3) Another Eurovision connection is a group from the 1970's called Sweet Dreams who entered the 1976 Song for Europe contest. They sang 'Love kiss and run' and came 4th, just 29 points behind Brotherhood of Man Read More

Career Started: 1983
Official Website: http://www.songs4europe.com/26.html
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