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Wael Kfoury (Arabic: وائل كفوري) (born Michel Emile Kfoury) is a Lebanese singer. He was born in the village Housh Al Umara, in the city of Zahle on 15/5/1974. Wael attempted his first shot at singing in the 1990s on the famous LBC talent show, Studio Al Fan. He won the title of best singer. His first record deal was with Music Box. His first hit was the song "Ma Wa'adtak Binjoom El Lail", followed by "Shafouha Wa Saro Ye'olou". He released several albums afterwards, the most notable of which were "Hekayet Aasheq" and "Sa'alouni". After joining the army, his albums dropped in sales (due to his absence from the scene). However, he made a great comeback in 2002 with his album "Omri Kello". In late 2004, he produced another hit album called "Arreb Layeh", proving that he was indeed a versatile artist. In 2006, he returned yet again with the "Wael 2006", from which he released the pan-Arab World hit single "Bhebbak Ana Ktir". His most recent album, "Bihen", was released on Oc ... Read More

Career Started: 1992
Official Website: http://www.waelkfourylive.com/