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One Less Reason

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About One Less Reason
A hugely popular unsigned modern rock band from Jackson/Memphis, TN and Orlando, FL. With passionate music, intense vocals and songs that parallel the day-to-day issues that we all face, One Less Reason touches people in a way that fosters a fierce loyalty and connection between band and fan that is rare in music today. OLR is Cris Brown (vocals), Ryan Giles (guitar), Brad Butler (guitar), Terry Brown (bass), and Jeff Moore (drums), but it is also much bigger than any of the individual members. OLR is truly a family. The band is as devoted to their fans as their fans are to the band. With over 100,000 Myspace friends, OLR has become an internet phenomenon that process that it is possible to draw a fan from virtually every demographic. With a recent string of radio successes and sold out shows throughout the southeast and Midwest, One Less Reason is writing a story that is increasingly impossible to ignore. One Less Reason continues to dominate the charts at alternative addition ... Read More

Career Started: 1990
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