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Heinz Kiessling

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About Heinz Kiessling
Heinz Kiessling (March 11, 1926 - December 27, 2003) was a German musician, conductor, composer and music producer, known mainly from his work for popular films and television programs. Heinz Kiessling studied piano, composition and conducting, after World War II at the Nuremberg Conservatory and started his career in 1949 as a pianist and got to play in different concerts around the world. Soon after he started working on recording music for television. At times, he also led his own orchestra, and also worked many years for the RIAS Big Band in Berlin. Together with the pianist Werner Tautz he established in 1964 the label "Brilliant" through which he managed numerous national and international big bands. Kiessling worked with many national and international stars, including Chet Baker, Luis Bonfa, Wenche Myhre, and Caterina Valente. For over two decades, he accompanied the shows of Peter Alexander. In addition, Kiessling composed the songs and scene music for numerous films an ... Read More

Career Started: 1926
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