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About Alien Ant Farm
Alien Ant Farm is an American alternative rock band that formed in Riverside, California, United States, in 1995. Their name comes from an idea original guitarist Terry Corso had about aliens and the earth: "that was just my daydream about planet seeding by entities from other dimensions" The band has sold over 5 million units worldwide, and has four studio albums, and eight music videos. History: The band included Dryden Mitchell (vocalist), Terry Corso (guitarist), Tye Zamora (bassist), and Mike Cosgrove (drummer). They played their first show on Mitchell's 20th Birthday and released their $100 EP that year. In 1998 they released their Love Songs EP. In 1999, Alien Ant Farm released their underground debut album, titled Greatest Hits. It went on to win Best Independent Album in the L.A. Music Awards that year. In 2000, after forging a friendship with the nu metal band Papa Roach, Alien Ant Farm signed with DreamWorks SKG for their first studio album, Anthology. In 2001, the ... Read More

Career Started: 1995
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