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There are at least 8 bands of this name. 1. A 70s San Francisco, USA soul band, featuring Frankie Beverly (aka Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly). 2. A metalcore/progressive band from Sydney, Australia 3. An alternative/metal band formed in 1996 in Sofia, Bulgaria originally named Priceless Crowns. 4. A Chinese post-rock band from Beijing, formed in 2007. Also known by their Chinese name 迷宫. 5. a metalcore band from South Korea 6. A 60s US psychedelic band who released a single album, "Armaggedon" 6. A young band from the Netherlands that released some EPs and a mini-CD called SOLDIERS OF SUBURBIA. 7. An Italian hardcore band active in the 1990s 8. An Israeli duo formed by DJs Roi Yamin and Tal Kerman. ===== 1. Soul / quiet storm band Maze was established in San Francisco in the early 1970's. The band can more or less be considered as the project of former The Butlers, and later Raw Soul, member Frankie Beverly; being songwriter, produce ... Read More

Career Started: 1976
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