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The only way to ensure something is done right; is by doing it yourself. Def Jam's newest signee Lil Ru learned this valuable lesson at a very young age. "My grandmother passed away when I was like 12 years-old," says Ru who grew up in Ridgeway, South Carolina." She was basically my mother. My real mom has been on the streets her whole life. Right now she's incarcerated for manslaughter. I knew my father, but he's never been around. I've basically just been alone my whole life." Without any parental guidance, Lil Ru found shelter in various recording studios around his hometown of Ridgeway, South Carolina. After years of recording and releasing independent tracks that were highly revered around the Southern United States, in March 2009, Lil Ru finally got the break he deserved when he was offered a spot on hip-hop's most historic label, Def Jam. Ru's seductive street single, "Nasty Song" was all it took for the 23-year-old to step into the spotlight. "'Nasty Song' has been the big ... Read More

Career Started: 2001
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