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My Baby

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About My Baby Glittery street, three hours past midnight. Looking up at the dark heavens and exhaling slowly, she was surrounded by the purple of her breath blending with the fog. She thought of something larger than life, something which she could not define but in which she longed to believe. "What vision is deemed important here if I lack such conviction?", she said to herself. Utterly saddened, an unbearable journey full of loneliness. In her best party clothes too. A fall from grace that weakens the heart. A shimmering light, damp streets and now her stride is more determined and she moves through the mist full of oblique ghostly reflections. Her dancing shoes going clickety clack. She who owns the rhythm owns the night and need fear no ghosts. Upon leaving the safe quarters of the city she found herself decidedly weary. She was cold and tired. She arrived at the outskirts of town and spotted a troupe of vagrants camped on the side of the road complete with ... Read More

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