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About Mudvayne
Mudvayne is an American metal band from Peoria, IL. The musical styles of their first two albums were highly innovative, combining elements of progressive metal with alternative metal and were considered to be a math metal band for this sound, although the band's later albums changed direction. The band is best recognizable by their strong drumming, complex bass playing, heavy, gruff and usually angered vocals, growls, screaming strong, heavy guitars and riffs, complex time signatures and frequent rhythm changes. Mudvayne sold over 6,000,000 copies worldwide. The band were known for wearing monster face paint and sweat suits in 2000-2001. But then didn't do it, and Chad Grey and Greg had long hair but spiked it up back then. Although when taking off the face paint and they hung it down. Ryan was the devil looking guy. Greg was the red guy with dots. Chad was the guy with the blue hair and chelsea grin paint, and Matt was the one with vertical stripes. Mudvayne's first album, L.D. ... Read More

Career Started: 1996
Official Website: http://[Headbangers
Tags: rock, metal, alternative metal, heavy metal, progressive,