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The Three Investigators was an American juvenile detective book series first published as "Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators." It was created by Robert Arthur, Jr., who believed using a famous figure like movie director Hitchcock would attract attention. Random House, which is owned by Bertelsmann AG, is the U.S. publisher and still holds some of the rights to the books. Other rights are held by the heirs to Robert Arthur, Jr. and the German publisher Kosmos. The Three Investigators are Jupiter Jones, Pete Crenshaw and Bob Andrews. Most of the mysteries involved investigation of baffling phenomena (e.g. an ancient Egyptian mummy that apparently whispered and a human skull that seemed to talk). Introduction and history, The original series ran from 1964 to 1987 and comprised 43 books. Books number 1 to 9 and 11 were written by the creator, Robert Arthur, who also sketched out ideas for a few of the other stories. Arthur had been an editor for several Hitchcock book collec ... Read More

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