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Bishop G.E. Patterson

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About Bishop G.E. Patterson
Bishop G. E. Patterson brought to the office of Presiding Bishop (2000-2007)a wealth of experience as a telecommunications minister. He was well known as an evangelist and preacher par excellence. Weekly, his local church telecast was viewed by million of individuals around the world. The reach and scope of his ministry is unparalleled in the Church of God in Christ. He is without the first Presiding Bishop who became a household name in American church population, if not around the world. Bishop G. E. Patterson brought indispenible evidence of our need to provide extended ministries. In his prerogative as leader, he re-enforced our position in charitable giving and socail ministries with the creation of COGIC Charities. He engineered new efforts in the realm of philanthropy and evangelism. He could be heard saying,"How can I preach when the vicissitudes of life are destorying the people?" When hurricanes Rita and Katrina ravaged the nation, the plea of the Presiding Bishop was ap ... Read More

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