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About Cavo
There are two bands named Cavo: (1) a US rock band and (2), japanese sludge-type-band. (1)For those in need of labeling artists, a band like CAVO could be described as radio-friendly. In years past, the crowds and enthusiasm at their shows, coupled with solid songs and quality recordings, would cause the record companies to come a-sniffin'. Given the uncertainty of today's music industry, though, a band like CAVO wouldn't be faulted for growing discouraged...but it hasn't. A band like CAVO is a band that perseveres, a band that believes in its own strength, continually challenging itself while staying true to its collective vision. But for this strength, The Painful Art of Letting Go, their second independent release, may have never been. The group endured production missteps, substance abuse and the decline of personal relationships, only to pull together in solidarity...and creativity. The title reflects just one side of the multilayered album. Explains vocalist Casey Walker ... Read More

Career Started: 2001
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Tags: rock, hard rock, alternative, post-grunge, american,