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Like the twists and turns of a mountain road, Laura Story's life has held its share of unexpected moments - some exhilarating, some terrifying, and some simply beautiful to behold. Leaning solely on her faith in the sovereignty of God, Story has learned that no matter what comes around the next bend, it's going to be an incredible view. Once an aspiring symphony conductor, Story didn't even know she could sing - much less write songs - until she was in her early twenties. Today, Story is not only a gifted vocalist and worship leader but also the composer of one of the most beloved worship songs of our generation - "Indescribable." The song has topped charts and been recorded by multiple artists, but most importantly, it has helped people all over the world experience our magnificent God. Story had no idea her life would be used for such a purpose. Set to release her label debut on INO Records (Sara Groves, MercyMe, Derek Webb) in January 2008, Story is still learning that God's p ... Read More

Career Started: 2000
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