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About Crossfade
Crossfade is an American rock band from Columbia, South Carolina. Their current members are Ed Sloan on lead vocals and guitar, Les Hall on lead guitar, keyboard, and backing vocals, and Mitch James on backing vocals and bass. Since their formation Crossfade has released three studio albums - their platinum selling self-titled debut album in 2004, Falling Away in 2006, and We All Bleed in 2011. History: Early years and Crossfade (1994-2005): Crossfade was formed in 1994, originally under the name The Nothing. The band consisted of Ed Sloan on lead guitar and vocals, Mitch James on bass guitar and backing vocals and Brian Geiger on drums. Later that year the band changed their name to Sugardaddy Superstar, after vocalist and DJ Tony Byroads joined the band. The band recorded songs in the "Sugardaddy Studio", a studio lead singer Ed Sloan had built in his garage. The songs eventually attracted the interest of the Los Angeles, California A&R company Taxi (Independent A&R), and Hit ... Read More

Career Started: 1994
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