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(2001 - 2011) iiO (sometimes written as IIO, pronounced "eye-oh") is a New York City based house music act consisting of producer/songwriter Markus Moser and singer/songwriter Nadia Ali. iiO are best known for their 2001 hit "Rapture". The name iiO is derived from the Sony PC laptop model VAIO, on which the duo was creating much of their early work, and the duo was in fact first known as Vaiio. After "Rapture" was released, the duo followed suit with "At the End" in 2002, "Smooth" in 2003, and "Runaway" in 2004. iiO's first album, "Poetica", was delayed several times and released independently in March 2005 on Made Records, and worldwide in June 2006. By the time the album was released Nadia Ali had left iiO to pursue a solo career, while Moser continues to release material featuring her on the vocals. These included the single "Kiss You", which was released to promote the album, followed by "Is It Love?". Moser followed these with "Rapture 2007" and "Reconstruction Time: Th ... Read More

Career Started: 2001
Official Website: http://www.iiomusic.com/
Tags: dance, house, dance music, electronica, club,