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Tarot is a heavy metal band from Finland. They are most famous for the song "Wings of Darkness" from the 1986 album Spell of Iron. While having enjoyed a broad underground popularity in Finland, the band has never been very famous elsewhere until gaining new success in the recent years when their singer and bassist Marco Hietala joined Nightwish in 2002. History: Formation and Early years (1982-1984): Tarot was originally formed by the Hietala brothers in the early 80's. Back then the band's name was called "Purgatory". As Purgatory reached the point when they got the record deal, the label wanted them to change their name. Since then the band has been known as Tarot. The line-up settled in to the form of Marco Hietala (bass/vocals), Zachary Hietala (guitars), Mako H (guitars) and Pecu Cinnari (drums). The beginning (1986-1988): The "Wings of Darkness" single saw the daylight in April 1986 and in December that same year Tarot released their first full length album Spell of I ... Read More

Career Started: 1982
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