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About SFX
There are four artists known as SFX. The first is the pioneering goa trance group, later known as Astral Projection. The second was a the one-off collaboration that produced the Lemmings single. The third is an alias of Drik "Mike" Dierickx. The fourth is scottish solo artist Steven Foley. Astral Projection Known as SFX between 1989 and 1994, Astral Projection released a couple of singles, one album and one compilation. The are considred one of the most influential artists in the trance genre. Coler/Richardson Nick Coler and Ian Richardson, better known as the programmer and engineer (respecitvely) for The KLF, released a novelty single based on the Lemmings computer game in 1993. Mike Dierickx Mike Dierickx, a producer from Belgium better know as Push and M.I.K.E. released one 12" single in 2004 under the alias SFX: "Injection Overload / Makes It Different". A combination between EBM and hard trance. Steven Foley Steven Foley is a scottish solo artist who uses the alias SFX in ... Read More

Career Started: 1993
Official Website: http://www.astral-projection.com
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