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About Demi
In a relatively short career spanning just over five years, Demi has done things his way. Wherever he plays the result is the same, and the worldwide audience cannot help but take notice. With his playful audacity and boisteros approach, Demi exuberates only what some DJs can only dream of behind the decks, and this is really ONLY the start for the young Londoner. His diversity in his performance are both consistent and memorable, always striving to create the whole picture whether over a 2 or 10 hour set. Often found to maintain a steady tempo, Demi works a lot more with the internals of a track to make it 'feel' faster. He knows exactly what he's doing in terms of creating a journey. This organic approach is never over-thought or planned out, but just oozes out of him very naturally and successfully. It is his humbleness and boundless energy which feeds off anybody who comes across this young man. Demi's meteoric rise has been down to a combination of sheer hard work, talent and ... Read More

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