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About Firefly
Firefly is a Filipino Indie rock bands. Members: Current members: F/Chief Insp. Leonardo "Popoy" Sabellina, Jr. (band leader, guitarist, vocals), FO2 Richard Erichson Malamug (lead guitar and vocals), FO1 Rhoderick Herrera (bass), Nowie Favila (drums), About: From the syncopated strike on the snare to the electrifying sound of the lead guitar and the bass, all bands make their mark by offering a different kind of entertainment to audiences. The Firefly band differentiates itself from the competition by singing not only about love or heartbreak but by articulating ways on how to prevent destructive fires. The name of the band, which means Firemen Forever Love You, first jammed together during the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Christmas Party on December 22, 2002. Since then, the group continued to deliver their unique message through original songs, most of which are compiled in an album titled Langit. This 10-track album has the carrier single "Langit", which features ... Read More

Career Started: 2005
Tags: rock, dance, italian, rnb-soul, electro,