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About Myah Marie
Myah Marie is an American singer and songwriter in her own right and is the daughter of the one and only Murray Langston (The Unknown Comic is his stage name). Early stages of her career started when she posted some songs on her Myspace account, which she continued to use to promote her songs and has over 4.6 Million plays in total. Although she has not had much of a commercial career she continues to record and release songs for her fans and fun. By the age of just 19 she had already written and published more than 50 songs. She is most famously known for her vocal likeness to that of Britney Spears which is not a surprise as Myah is featured on two of Britney Spears albums as a background vocalist. Her biggest hit, 'Candy From Strangers', was released on the internet in mid-2008 and many believed it to be a newly leaked song from Britney Spears. It was then revealed that the track was not Spears, but a demo track that Marie submitted for Spears' album Circus, but was ultimate ... Read More

Career Started: 2006
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