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About Puddle Of Mudd
Puddle of Mudd is an American post-grunge band. They achieved success on rock radio and some success in the mainstream, and their major-label debut Come Clean has sold over 5 million copies. To date the band has sold over 7 million albums, and have had a string of #1 mainstream rock singles in the United States. The original incarnation of this band was formed in 1992 in Kansas City, Missouri. In their hometown, they released their debut album "Stuck" in 1993, followed by "Abrasive" in 1996, to little commercial success. Following the break-up of this intial setup, a new version of the band was formed in Los Angeles by vocalist Wes Scantlin. Wes Scantlin was born in St. Joseph, Missouri. Raised in Kansas City, he attended Park Hill High School. After high school, he started the creation of Puddle of Mudd, now now famous for songs such as "Control", "She Hates Me", and "Blurry". Scantlin got his start in the music business after a copy of his demo was given to a friend producer by ... Read More

Career Started: 1992
Official Website: http://www.puddleofmudd.com/
Tags: rock, hard rock, united states, modern rock, alternative metal,