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Jeremy Smith wasn't one of those kids who sang into a hairbrush in front of the mirror dreaming of being a famous pop star. "I never planned on being a singer," he says. "My mom made me take piano lessons when I was in first grade and at first I hated it. But then I just fell in love with it and it's been a constant thing in my life ever since." Thank goodness for persistent parents. Jeremy is now the frontman and chief songwriting force behind Days Difference, a young quartet from Virginia Beach, VA, who are gearing up to release their self-titled debut album -- a breezy collection of pop gems that showcases the melody-minded songwriting, expressive vocals, and dynamic piano sound of 20-year-old Jeremy. Jeremy formed Days Difference in May 2004 with his 22-year-old brother Jonathan on drums and another set of brothers, 21-year-old Micah and 22-year-old Jeremiah Ricks, who play bass and guitar, respectively. The siblings met when Jeremy and Jonathan filled in for a no-show pianist ... Read More

Career Started: 2004
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