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While it's common practice in rock bios to liken an act to something familiar, it's hard to do that with San Diego's We Shot The Moon. That's because it's virtually impossible to compare them to any other band out there...not for more than a track or two, at least. We Shot The Moon--led by former Waking Ashland frontman Jonathan Jones--is a piano-heavy indie rock five-piece that formed in the year 2007. On September 29, the band releases its infectious sophomore LP, A Silver Lining, the follow-up to 2008's Fear and Love, on Minneapolis-based label Afternoon Records. But if you require a description of the band before reading more about We Shot The Moon, let's just say that A Silver Lining possesses shades of Jack's Mannequin, Coldplay, Switchfoot, Muse, and Weezer. According to Jones, the band specializes in "quirky rock" that's layered, thick, and replete with ambient noise, and it's for that reason "we fall through the cracks, which I think, ultimately, is a good thing. We don't ... Read More

Career Started: 2007
Official Website: http://www.weshotthemoon.com
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