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1- Brothers is an Italodance band formed by Gabriele Pastori, Walter Mangione, Giuseppe Brittanni, and M. Ferro. They released the albums "Dieci Cento Mille" and "Ultimate Collection". 2- Brothers is a melodic hardcore band from Grand Rapids, MI featuring ex-members of Comeback Kid. Their debut full length album titled "Black Friday" was released via Saw Her Ghost Records in August of 2007. 3- Brothers is an alternative country group from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their music is featured on this page as free downloadable mp3s. 4- Brothers is from Exeter, England and consists of Reza, Ben and Anna! They play punk rock in the vein of Discount, Kid Dynamite and other similiar bands. 5- Brothers is a Malaysian nasheed group. Their members like Yasin and Akbar had gone solo and make their own albums. Yasin on the other hand is a big name in Malaysian music industry by becoming one of the top composers. 6- Brothers is a Norwegian rock group from Brønnøysund. 7- Brothers are a ... Read More

Career Started: 2000
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