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About Hawk
There are several artists with the name Hawk: 1) HAWK is a Chicago band that plays stripped-down, raw rock with roots in garage and Americana. Alternative press said they combine "the crunch of AC/DC, the swagger of the Stones, and the melodies of Tom Petty." Their music is "inspired by 'the badass orange Camaro my brother had when we were growing up' leader/songwriter David Hawkins says, 'We'd drive around, getting stoned, listening to AC/DC, Zeppelin, Humble Pie, and the Stones...you know, REAL music. That's where these songs came out of.'" 2) "Hawk" is the main alias for the Norwegian producer & Dj Håkon Lofthus. He was born in Norway back in ´85 and has gained quite some popularity with his progressive trance tracks. Despite his young age, he already has seven years of experience as a dj from small clubs to bigger parties. He has arranged some of the most successful parties in Norway, has had numerous radio-residencies, and is now quickly establishing a name in the internat ... Read More

Career Started: 2000
Official Website: http://www.screwedupclickentertainment.com
Tags: hip hop, rock, africa, progressive trance, psychedelic rock,