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About Frenkie
Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2005 - present) Frenkie is a Bosnian rapper from Tuzla, whose real name is Adnan Hamidović. His songs are about the political situation in Bosnia and about war, as well as doing songs about his dislike of bad rapping and commercial selling-out. Frenkie is working hard towards achieving his dreams, and is associated with Edo Maajka and Disciplinska komisija, a crew of which they are both part of. Frenkie's album "Odličan CD" has been released and is set to become a successful hip-hop record. It features the songs "Bruce Lee Rap" with Baby Dooks and "Veza" with German rapper Flipstar. Frenkie announced his second album is coming out in June of 2006 and is called "Dosta" ("Enough") and is dedicated to the movement Dosta which is going on now in Bosnia. Read More

Career Started: 1997
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