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About Cosmic Love
Cosmic Love is a band that represents everything that is positive. Spreading the message of peace and love through music is the main principle that binds this tribe of "jeprox". Influenced by many various types of music as diverse as from the classics to the new, beach to urban, folk to dance, world to opm, pop to rock and loud to mellow. By experimenting with different genres and going beyond the border line of making music, the group has developed a sound which is both fresh and original. The Cosmic Love sound can be described as intense, charismatic and exciting. Mainly built on groovy bass lines, backed up by funky drum beats, flavored by psychedelic and unique smooth guitar riffs, mixed to it are a wide variety of spicy percussions making it very sexy and powerful. On top of it all is a voice that can be reminiscent of a soulful gospel singer. Formed at the latter part of 2003, the band has performed at bars in the metro such as 6 Undergroundg, Halo, Racks El Pueblo, Absinth, ... Read More

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