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About Sunny Hill
Sunny Hill (Korean: 써니힐) is a band from South Korea. It originally had three members in 2007 -- Janghyun, Seungah, and Jubee, then added a fourth member, named Kota, and later in 2011 a fifth, named Misung. Members • Janghyun (장현) (b. July 16, 1984) birth name Kim Janghyun. Leader, subvocal and producer • Seungah (승아) (b. March 29, 1987) birth name Lee Seungah. Vocal • Jubee (주비) (b. August 4, 1986) birth name Kim Eun-young. Mainvocal • Kota (코타) (b. October 14, 1987) birth name Ahn Jin-a. Vocal, dancer • Misung (미성) (b. April 13, 1986) birth name Lee Misung. Vocal, rapper In 2007 Sunny Hill, back then as a three member group with Janghyun, Jubee and Seungah, debuted with their single album Love Letter. The single has a total of 8 tracks, produced by Jeong Seonghan, who also produced for Brown Eyed Girls and Bubble Sisters. In June, the group came back with their EP single "Midnight Circus". As they have had rather cute concept, with the new ... Read More

Career Started: 2007
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