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Life for 'Topic' began in West LA and evolved in West Covina throughout his adolescent years. The Yin and Yang lifestyle of religious based principles instilled by his mother and hard knock life experiences learned from his father laid the foundation on which this universal rap artist was formed. Extremely confident in his ability to write or rap about anything, hence the evolution of the epithet "Topic'. No literary form of expression can exist without a 'Topic'. Having a true love for music since the early days of his youth, Topic began singing and writing his own lyrics in grade school. By the summer of 8th grade writing his first rhyme created a natural euphoria for the lyricist, and an addiction for which there is no cure, only temporary relief. In 1993, Topic had his first experience in a professional recording studio. He took advantage of the opportunity and learned all he could about the mechanics behind the development of a song. An innate passion for writing combined wi ... Read More

Career Started: 2000
Tags: rap, hip hop, dirty south rap, missouri, united states,