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* Victoria Justice as Tori Vega, a sixteen year old aspiring singer who enrolls at Hollywood Arts, a prestigious performing arts school. Tori is taken aback by her invitation to the school, as her sister, Trina, has always been the star of the Vega family. However, she quickly begins to enjoy her new school. * Leon Thomas III as André Harris, Tori's soon-to-be best friend and a gifted musician. He loves to play for his friends but has some stage fright issues when playing for big audiences. * Matt Bennett as Robbie Shapiro, a shy and awkward student at Hollywood Arts who is more comfortable speaking through his ventriloquist's dummy, Rex Powers. Robbie is a master ventriloquist and Rex is his alter-ego and his very hip companion. * Elizabeth Gillies as Jade West, Tori's nemesis. She and her friends think they're above all things mainstream. Even though she is kind of a mean girl, Jade is hard working. * Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine, a super sensitive drama qu ... Read More

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