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About Olivia Lufkin
Olivia Lufkin (born December 9, 1979), professionally known as OLIVIA, is a Japanese American bilingual singer-songwriter. She is the daughter of an Norwegian American father and a Japanese mother. Her two younger siblings are Jeffrey Lufkin, who is a musician she collaborates regularly with and Caroline Lufkin, who is an independent musician. Lufkin began her solo career after being in the Japanese girl group D&D. She gained mainstream success in 2006 after creating songs for the fictional band Trapnest under the alias of Olivia Inspi' Reira (Trapnest), and the songs were used for the popular anime adaptation of Nana. Biography: Early beginnings: Olivia Lufkin was born on December 9, 1979 in Okinawa, Japan. In 1982, she moved to San Diego, California then back to Okinawa. Olivia later moved again to North Carolina for two years before moving back to Okinawa. Olivia was discovered by the director of "Rising Productions" (Vision Factory) while attending the Okinawa Actors' Scho ... Read More

Career Started: 1996
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