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About No Hands
There are two artists known as No Hands. The first is a rock group whose bio is below. The second is a breakbeat producer and DJ. Fearng life as a flaccid solo artist, singer Young Diana quickly regrouped No Hands after their last major shake-up. A mongrel assemblage of dirty drum-machines, fuzzed-out-go-fuck-yerself bass lines and growling vocals, No Hands still sound off with the raucous pandemonium they've been forging since 2003. With label mates James Stewart and Tim Rechner on as fresh brahs, the band is writing and rehearsing their 3rd release. Releasing two EP's in the last two years and enduring as many line-up changes, this band seems to thrive on unpredictability. Major influences include the Byrds, Sonic Youth, the Constantines, Beefheart, the Hot Snakes, Dylan, Nirvana and Leadbelly. A genuine passion for ballsy music is key. Rock sans bullshit. With a smidgen of bullshit for kicks. Their full-length album is due in fall 2006. Read More

Career Started: 2010
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