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About Hail The Villain
"They say the singer should calm the fuck down," says singer Bryan Crouch. "But it's not enough to just be a good band. It's about putting in the extra effort. It's saying to the audience 'I ain't quitting so you better not quit. You better shout and scream because that's what makes the show better.'" Hail The Villain is a band with big ideas. They aren't satisfied with writing songs, making an album and going out on tour. They want to create an entire Hail The Villain universe that includes not only the music, but a dynamic live show, animated videos, a comic book, a unique interactive website, and maybe even a movie someday. "Most people are going to aim for what's attainable," says Crouch. "For us, it's aiming for what's unattainable." Hail The Villain attack their career with the same hard-nosed approach you'd expect from growing up in Canada's automobile manufacturing town of Oshawa, Ontario. From the moment they finished recording their debut album, they have been pain-stak ... Read More

Career Started: 2003
Official Website: http://hailthevillain.com
Tags: rock, hard rock, canada, ontario, canadian,