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Make no mistake about it, Varsity Fanclub may look like a boy band, but their roots are closer to legendary soul label Motown and groups like Boyz II Men, Jackson 5 and New Edition than they are to anything else. Just recognize the dance-floor smash and lure of "Zero," the intricate harmonies and soaring falsettos on "Girl Like That," and the sultry, seductive "Future Love", all of which were co-written by the group, to sample their impressive pedigree. With their Capitol Records debut album, the five members offer a wide variety of varying musical influences, with an emphasis on melodies, harmonies and a dynamic live show punctuated by world-class choreography. Put together after a country-wide talent search that was more comprehensive than anything on American Idol, the guys in Varsity Fanclub have been working toward this moment their entire lives. Fans are just as excited for Varsity Fanclub to hit the mainstream as the five soon-to-be teen idols are prepared to become stap ... Read More

Career Started: 2006
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