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About EndeverafteR
Endeverafter (typeset as EndeverafteR) is an American rock band from Sacramento, California. Endeverafter was formed in 2004 by lead singer and guitarist Michael Grant. After the rest of the band was assembled, they released their debut EP in 2005 and played regular shows in their hometown, featuring confetti and strobe lights. In 2006 the group signed with Epic Records and recorded their debut album, From the Ashes of Sin, with producer Stacy Jones. They toured in mid-2006 with Cinderella and Poison, bringing their music nationwide while recording their album. After several label changes at Sony/Epic and numerous release date changes, Endeverafter finally released their full-length debut on Indie label Razor & Tie in October of 2007. Later that year, the single "I Wanna Be Your Man" hit #25 on the U.S. Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. Their song "No More Words" is used for Jeff Hardy's entrance theme music and will be featured on WWE The Music, Vol. 8 due for release in Mar ... Read More

Career Started: 2004
Tags: rock, hair metal, arena rock, hard rock, metal,