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Stage name Hangul 팀 Revised Romanization Tim McCune-Reischauer Tim Birth name Hangul 황영민 Revised Romanization Hwang Young-Min McCune-Reischauer Hwang YŏngMin Hwang Young-Min (Hangul: 황영민; born December 23, 1981), best known by his stage name Tim (Hangul: 팀), is a Korean American k-pop ballad singer. His songs are mostly about unrequited love or parted lovers. He has come into the spotlight as the next successor of male ballad singers in South Korea after Shin Seung Hun. and Lee Seung-Hwan. Tim has participated as a producer and also an album designer for his third album. Profile: Family: Mother, father, 3 elder brothers (David, Paul, and Daniel), 1 younger brother(Josh Hwang) Education: Upper Darby High School and Temple University (Philadelphia, PA) - Biography: Early life and works: Born into a Christian family in Philadelphia, with his father as a pastor for a local church, Tim was exposed to a musical environment early on as a child. At hi ... Read More

Career Started: 2002
Official Website: http://www.tim-solo.net
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