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BLOODRAW - "The Return Of Mr. Florida" It has been stated, one cannot be a true artist without first experiencing pain. If that is accurate, BloodRaw has struggled all of his lifetime to earn the right to be a hip-hop Picasso. "That's why my music is so soulful. I have people crying when they hear my music because I'll only spit what I've been through." Born to a mother that did the best she could to raise he and his sister by hustling, BloodRaw learned the game at a tender age. By age 12, BloodRaw lost the center of his universe when his mother died. As for BloodRaw's father, Tupac described it best, the coward wasn't there. So, to put food on his table, BloodRaw did what he knew best, serving fiends with whatever vice they needed. Street life is not as glamorous as music videos describe, it is a matter of continuing to exist. Unfortunately, as with most urban soldiers, the life was leading BloodRaw to the grave or jail. It just so happened, the latter got to him first. After ... Read More

Career Started: 2000
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