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There is more than one band/group/project named Sunshine, two most notable are Czech electro-punk and Serbian HC/hip-hop bands. 1) A band formed in 1994 in Tábor, Czech Republic, sounding "not very 'wave', but not too 'punk' either". They released several LPs and EPs, most notable a split EP with 90s post-hardcore legends At the Drive-In and a split with the american emo band Julia. Although hardly anyone knows Sushine in the Czech Republic they are considered to be the most succesful Czech band abroad. They went on several tours and are well known in the UK, USA, and Japan. (click Read full Bio for more info) 2) Sunshine was formed in Serbia, Belgrade in 1994 from the ashes of Green Kool Posse'. The core of Sunshine are/were the lead singer Bane Bojović aka Gymbrowsky, and Đorđe Radivojević aka Ramirez was the main singer-lyricist in the band, and as back vocals Nenad Bogojević aka Bogy (on the first album he only did the back vocals, on the second one he became the thir ... Read More

Career Started: 1990
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