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Look up Mine or mine in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Mine or mines may refer to: Belonging to oneself, Land mine, an anti-tank and anti-personnel weapon, Naval mine, an explosive device placed in water to destroy ships or submarines, Mining, extraction of mineral resources from the ground, Mining (military), a siege tactic, Entertainment: Mine (film), a 1985 Turkish film, Mine (novel), a 1990 novel by Robert R. McCammon, Music: Albums Mine!, a 1994 album released by musical duo Trout Fishing in America, Mine (Li Yuchun album), 2007, Mine (Dolly Parton album), 1973, Mines (album), a 2010 album by indie rock band Menomena, Songs "Mine" (song), by Taylor Swift from Speak Now, "Mine", a song by Dolly Parton from In the Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad), "Mine", a song by Everything but the Girl from Everything but the Girl, "Mine", a song by Ghinzu from Blow, "Mine", a song by Jason Webley from Only Just Beginning, "Mine", a song by Krezip from Days Like ... Read More

Career Started: 1990
Official Website: http://www.massproduktion.com/mine/index.html
Tags: hardcore, japanese, celtic, pop, rock,