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Stiff Dylans Biography Sometimes truth isn't just stranger than fiction - it sounds better too. Bursting out of cinema screens this summer and taking root in their rightful home of a live venue near you, Stiff Dylans are bursting at the seams with the energy and chemistry of all your favourite pop punk groups, with teenage anthems of heartbreak and betrayal, and the sort of hooks your average pirate would mortgage his galleon for. 20-year-old James Flannigan (vocals, guitar) and 21-year-olds Charlie Wride (lead guitar), Matt Harris (bass) and Tom Slaytor (drums) specialise in bright, fresh tuneage, pushing guitar pop in an exciting new direction with a collective set of influences ranging from Biffy Clyro to McFly. You can hear the lot - and a whole bunch more - in the band's debut single 'Ultraviolet', which sets out the band's stall with nonchalant ease: it's fizzing with vim and vigour, topped off with one of the biggest choruses you'll hear all year. "The song's about the aura ... Read More

Career Started: 2008
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