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Their first album Invasion was released in 2001 and made the independent charts. The first single from that album "Runaway" scraped into the Billboard Hot 100 and made the Rhythmic Top 40. "I Wanna Love-U" was another track from the album to chart in the Rhythmic Top 40. Their second album NBridaz.com made the Hip-Hop, Heatseeker and independent charts. "So Fly" made the lower reaches of the Billboard Hot 100 and charted on the Rap, R&B and Rhythmic Top 40 charts. "Notice Me" was another track to reach the lower parts of the Billboard Hot 100, receiving more airplay than previous tracks. "Pretty Girl" has charted on the Billboard Rhythmic, R&B and Rap charts. NB Ridaz has been discontinued as of 2006.[citation needed] They have each gone on and have pursued solo careers. Read More

Career Started: 1995
Official Website: http://www.nastyboyrecords.com
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