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About Bill
BILL are a rock band, started in 1987 in New England and fronted by Bill Gage, a charismatic performer who sings surreal, ever-changing lyrics in a wide variety of styles. He also has Ds (Down syndrome). The band name is one of the words Mr. Gage can write. The group provides diverse sounds: art-rock, heavy-metal, acoustic folk-ballads, industrial riffs, etc, and Bill Gage continuously refines and re-works his vocal improvisations. BILL's approach to songwriting is always in flux. The first album BEATLES CHINESE was shaped by a series of challenges the band gave Bill Gage: first to name the songs he wanted to do, and then to sing them, as the band figured out what to play, and each song was quickly recorded. The backing tracks for BILL's second record BAT MAN were recorded in advance. Bill Gage listened to the tracks, sang over them, and then named the songs (and the record). Live, the BILL show presents a sonic kaleidoscope of punk, psychedelia, pop, and hard rock, Bill Gage ty ... Read More

Career Started: 2000
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