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Ernesto Edwards loves the hate. Munching on pizza at the Pizza Street Buffet in Olathe, the local rapper -- better known as Nesto the Owner -- plows through the slew of issues he has with Kansas City's hip-hop scene. "Radio is a big part of why Kansas City isn't what it's supposed to be," Edwards explains. Talent, he is careful to point out, has little to do with getting someone's music in the city's popular rotation. And if Edwards is lacking in anything, it isn't a belief in his own ability. With a winter beard and an ill-fitted knit stocking cap sitting clumsily atop the back of his head, Edwards carries the teeming confidence characteristic of his hometown, Philadelphia. ("I call myself the king of rap," he says.) This marked duality of East Coast swagger and the earnest frustration of stilted musical stardom colors much of Edwards' personality -- and the evening's conversation. "I'm just an artist trying to make it in the game," he says between bites, offering a simpl ... Read More

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