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Fancy (Manfred Alois Perilano) is a German Italo disco singer who was popular in the mid to late 1980s. Career: He first recorded in the German schlager style under the name of Tess Teiges before having his first hit as Fancy called "Slice Me Nice" in 1984. He was successful in the dance charts, topping Billboard's dance chart three times. He is renowned for his hit singles including "Bolero (Hold Me in Your Arms Again)", "Lady of Ice", "Chinese Eyes" and "Flames of Love". Many of these were collaborations with composer and producer Anthony Monn, who previously had achieved worldwide success with French singer Amanda Lear. One of Fancy's albums includes a cover version of her 1976 hit "Blood and Honey". Fancy has also recorded many hits for other artists using a variety of other names. Mostly frequently in the name of Tess or Ric Tess he has written music for Grant Miller, Linda Jo Rizzo, Marc Buchner, The Hurricanes, Mozzart, Timerider amongst many others. Fancy, who studies ... Read More

Career Started: 1979
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