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Blake Lewis consistently moves towards the future. The singer, songwriter, and producer is about to kickstart another phase for pop music with his first single for Republic Records, "Your Touch." A sexy hybrid of massive melodies and electronic dance music energy, it's an infectious introduction to his forthcoming third full-length album, Portrait of a Chameleon, and the next chapter of his illustrious career. When he began writing in 2012, Lewis wanted to draw upon one of his first and deepest passions--electronic music. A devout fan of dance since the early '90s, he aimed to incorporate elements of the genre into his sound. He doesn't merely assimilate to that electronic dance feel though; he draws it into his world. "I'd call it future pop," he affirms. "Across the album, we juxtapose so many different kinds of music. It's very anthemic, and there's an epic feel." "Your Touch" provides the perfect starting point. Boasting an unforgettable hook and "Decepticon bass," as Lewis ... Read More

Career Started: 1998
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