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There are 2 bands called The Guns: an 80's hardcore punk band from Cleveland, Ohio. (1) an indie/rock band from South Wales (2) 1) The Guns were an 80's Hardcore Punk band from Cleveland, Ohio. They started in 1982 as a way for two kids to work off their excess sugar buzz. Scott Eakin (age 12) and David Araca (age 13), of the band The Dark, formed their own side project, The Guns. They played at parties and a few shows. In '83 they recorded a demo and contributed 2 songs to "The New Hope", a compilation of NE Ohio punk/hardcore bands, released by Scott's older brother and singer for The Dark, Tom Eakin (aka Tommy Dark). The two songs led off the album and had an incredible reaction. In late 1983, Sean Saleyquit the drum chair in Starvation Army and joined The Guns as bass player. They played a ton of shows at The Pop Shop, The Lakefront, and other holes during late '83 and most of '84. The Guns recorded an album produced by Scott Lasch in '84 which, other than a song contributed ... Read More

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