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Lebanese singer Biography Faris Karam is a famous Lebanese singer who has produced many big hit singles in Lebanon and around the world such as "El-Tanoura" (English: The Skirt). Throughout his career, he has participated in a large number of concerts, public celebrations and festivals. Born in Jezzine, in the south of Lebanon. Spoken language: Arabic His musical style in recent times is linked more closely to dabke and his live band play many of his songs with a large tabal drum using a Nawari rhythm. This has helped make his music very popular in Lebanese nightclubs where patrons like to dance the dabke. International Fares Karam had multiple international artistic trips for the Arab population worldwide. The most frequently-visited countries he has performed at include the United States, Canada,UAE ,Venezuela and Australia. In addition to these trips, he has also performed in Europe and South America. Discography Al Tanora Shifta Waedn Tobor alby Laban alasfoor Alli ... Read More

Career Started: 1996
Official Website: http://www.fareskaram.tv