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About Renegade
Artists go by the name of Renegade: 1) A hardcore band from Western Sydney, Australia. 2) A 90s jungle/drum & bass artist. 3) An early NWOBHM band from Kent, UK. 4) A thrash metal band from Melbourne, Australia. 5) A Bulgarian rock group. 6) A Swedish Hair Metal/AOR Band 7) Lithuanian garage rock band from Ukmergė. 8) A glam rock band from the 1970s. 9) An electronic/techno duo from Sweden 10) An 80's Oi!/Punk band from NW London. 1)Coming straight out of Sydney, Australia Renegade formed early 2009. We tell it how it is. We play shows for the good times! Come to a show and break shit. 2) Renegade is Ray Keith and Gavin Cheung. The most well known Renegade is the UK jungle/drum and bass artist. Famous for their first release of the 'Terrorist' tune which was released by Moving Shadow in 1994 and is one of the most well-known tracks in the genre which influenced many other drum and bass artists at the time. This artist has had this name since th ... Read More

Career Started: 1983
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