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Angelo Venuto was born in Sicily. He has six other brothers and sisters, he is the fourth child. Angelo's parents are Marie and John Venuto. At the age of ten, he moved to the United States. Angelo was always a huge fan of music and started teaching himself guitar at age nine. His parents greatly encouraged this. He later learned how to play the bass, keyboard, and drums. By the age of twelve, he and his brothers had formed a band. He dedicated his entire life to music; he knew that this would be the most important thing in his life. As a child, and even now, he drew all the time. He grew up on 84th Street, in Brooklyn, in Bensonhurst, a big Italian community. His band started as a neighborhood band. He went to high school on 80th street and 16th Avenue New Utrecht. He graduated in 1976. The name of the band Caleps stands for the names of the brothers in the band; Carmelo, Angelo, Lorenzo, Enzo, Peter, and Sal. After the Caleps he created the band: Voices. He also went solo and cre ... Read More

Career Started: 2000
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